Jimmy Pleasants - Office Manager

Jimmy has been a resident of the state of North Carolina for 12 years, after moving from Tennessee. He attended Southern Adventist University where he achieved a B.S. In Business Administration. Jimmy received his A.S. In Clinical Laboratory Science from Alamance Community College, and the past 12 years has held senior management positions in the service industry. Jimmy has been eager to combine his management skills with his passion for healthcare, and has a deep, personal understanding of mental illness. He has lived with a brother who was diagnosed with a brain disorder twelve years ago, and he has seen how proper treatment has led his brother to a satisfying and productive life. Due to the profound impact of this experience, Jimmy continues to support, advocate, and educate others regarding the mis-understanding and intolerance associated with brain disorders and mental health issues. His journey has given him a deep and heartfelt appreciation for patients, families, and mental health providers, and he is excited to be a member of the CPCH team!

Tony Wall - Patient Care Coordinator

Tony is a North Carolina native with over 20 years in the service industry. He attended Durham Technical College where he received a degree in Business Administration in 1991. He enjoys serving his community in numeral church outreach programs which includes feeding the homeless and clothing give aways. Tony is very involved in his church community and serves on the Trustee board. Tony joined the CPCH team in October 2013. He came in the medical field with an abundance of care and compassion for others. He can be found multi-tasking with greeting on the phones, talking to patients, coordinating intakes and handling patient billing issues. Tony became involved in the Psychiatry field because he experienced past issues with family and friends who struggled with opioid addiction and wanted to some way help and give back. Tony is a die-hard NC State fan and will be happy to discuss stats with you anytime. To reach Tony please call 919-636-5240 option #2.

Amanda Brazel - Community Outreach & Social Media Director

For the past three years, Amanda has been working with Cognitive Psychiatry in a business consulting and social media management role. Her mission is to help improve the way people look at their own mental health as well as others. Amanda loves her work and is passionate about sharing quality information through community outreach and social media platforms. Amanda also enjoys connecting with high quality health professionals who are dedicated to creating a healthy mental outlook for others. Professionally Amanda has more than 15 years of experience in business, client relationships and business growth. Personally she is happily married and the proud mother of 3 children. She also enjoys decorating, organizing, watching movies and relaxing at the beach with her family.

Carly Rose - Administrative Assistant

Although born in Pennsylvania, Carly grew up in the state of North Carolina. During her attendance at Wake Technical Community College, she developed a profound aspiration to understand human behavior and mental processes. After achieving an Associate of Arts degree, she continued her education at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in both psychology and Hispanic culture and literature. Pursing her love for both travel and the study of mental health, She traveled to Peru, where she studied for six months. After returning to the States, she became an active member in her own community, as a volunteer at Central Regional Psychiatric Hospital. As a volunteer, she listened to personal accounts of people who suffered from mental illness and the struggles that they faced on a daily basis. Inspired to expand her understanding of mental illness, she began her career working directly with people who had been diagnosed with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Her position as a healthcare worker, allowed her to build therapeutic relationships and focus on each individuals well being. As a new member of the CPCH team, Carly is excited to continue to raise mental health awareness and provide support services for the mental health community. Carly can be reached via email at rose@cognitive-psychiatry.com.


Cognitive Psychiatry of Chapel Hill is located at 1440 Environ Way, close to the UNC campus. It is convenient to major highways (54, 15/501 and I-40), the Chapel Hill bus line, and has plenty of easy parking. The office building is part of East 54, a new “urban village” with offices, shops, condos, and restaurants. The buildings are environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and certified by the US Green Building Council’s LEED® program.

The office is located on the 4th floor in Suite 1440 (the building entrance is marked as 1000). Upon arrival, an administrative assistant will meet you in the waiting area. If you arrive early, you may use the complimentary beverage service (coffee, tea, water) or use our free wi-fi. If you need to fill a prescription, a complete Walgreens pharmacy (919-942-8738) is located on the first floor of the office building.