In 2011, Neuro+ founder & CEO Jake Stauch, then a researcher at the Duke University Center for Cognitive Neuroscience, teamed up with Jeroen Kools at the University of Amsterdam’s Brain & Technology Lab to start NeuroSpire, a neuromarketing technology company. NeuroSpire made it easy for companies to use EEG brain scans to test TV commercials.

Unexpectedly, NeuroSpire started receiving requests from families interested in their technology. These parents didn’t want to test ads, but instead wanted to use NeuroSpire to monitor and improve their kids’ attention. Inspired by these families, the NeuroSpire team developed Neuro+ to help individuals practice and improve attention skills with the world’s first brain-controlled video game.

It was made publicly available at the end of 2015, and already has more than 100 families benefiting from the technology. It’s designed as a way to practice the act of paying attention, but does not claim to diagnose or treat any disease or medical condition. However, Neuro+ is currently running clinical trials to investigate the possible use of Neuro+ as a treatment for ADHD in the future.

Neuro + is offered at CPCH.  If you’d like to learn more about it, please feel free to reach out to us with more questions. We are happy to help. 

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Dr. Jennie Byrne
Jennie Byrne

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